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Stacey Vernon, 

Stacey has been in the hair industry since early 2000. Being a stylist has always been a passion for her. She’s done everything from being a stylist to a salon owner. She’s studied and researched several levels of haircare to have layers of information to share with her clients to better understand how to properly take care of their “natural” hair. She’s spreading her knowledge of both natural hair and purchase of hair products to a broad range of people as young as 9 years old is a testimony of her passion and commitment to her clients and associates. Her main goal has always been to give people as much information as possible and to make a difference in how we all look at hair purchases and haircare. 

Her talent has presence among celebrity circles and she’s serviced an elite level of clients throughout her entire career. And she continues to inspire and mentor others with her unique mission statement being her core value and message to everyone that it is important for all to be equipped with as much understanding of hair and haircare possible. During Covid she thought about how could she be of service to the people who continued to work despite the pandemic closers and this is when her studio/online store was developed. Evolved Hair Co has been developed from the company’s main priority and that’s to make a difference in the quality of hair that’s purchased and most importantly how to care for your purchases. Stacey enjoys traveling, and just relaxing with her family and pets. Stacey has an associate degree in accounting and a bachelor’s of business administration and specialized degree in Operations Management. She’s done ongoing training in several areas of the industry including small business development and is currently creating a training and development programs to train others interested in the hair industry.


Angela DeJohnette 

Website Engineer, Customer Relations Ma

nager, Operations Manager

Angela DeJohnette is an enthusiastic, self-motivated person. She has a degree in Accounting and has spent over 20 years in personal and corporate tax, but her a passion for being creative and is willing to step out and try anything new. She is a website designer and believes that the sky has no limits when it comes to creatively designing what a client wants. She never sets any boundaries on being open-minded and open to new concepts. She loves being outdoors camping, hiking, and canoeing if she can be outside in nature she is there.


Jaleaa Lewis
Logistic Manager, Operations Co-Manager

Jaleaa Lewis, founder of Whole Harmony Healing, is a Purdue University graduate and registered nurse with more than 20 years of nursing experience. Jaleaa is a holistic healer and a wellness advisor. Her thriving business model is all about promoting balance between life and happiness. Through her healing techniques she has become a model of what “healing and loving yourself” looks like. As an avid and seasoned traveler she’s developed relationships across the world and has strive to build business relationships across many different sectors. Her journey has afforded her many opportunities for growth, team development and empowerment , entrepreneurship and a diverse lineup of individuals looking to expand their businesses, and or careers. As well as global partnerships and connections among leading companies, entrepreneurs as well as individuals who are seeking partnerships and opportunities to develop their brands into an international enterprise. Her hobbies include traveling, being in nature and dancing Jaleaa obtained her Master’s Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2011.

IG: @wholeharmonyhealing

TikTok: @wholeharmonyhealing


Dominique Hudson
Marketing Account Manager

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